Tesfaldet A. Meharenna owner of Asmarino .com received an award in recognition of his outstanding achievement and excellent services at the recent Eritrean Global Solidarity symposium in Washington D.C. When the award was presented by a distinguished professor and one of Africa’s few constitutional scholars, Dr Bereket Habteselassie, there was jubilation and ululation from the audience and everyone celebrated with tears, screams of joy and finally they rocked the house with “Wesede Ayay Wesed, Wesede Tes Beal Sere” The aura of jubilation left Tes speechless, he tried to utter some words, he looked around, up and down and no words; he was totally over whelmed with joy.

Other award recipients include Elsa Churum, champion Eritrean human rights activist and Dr Tricia Heppner, a long time friend of Eritrea and advocate of the prisoners of conscience.

Asmairno.com has been one of the major sources of first hand information about Eritrea for the last decade. The website is ardent supporter of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Press. It provides open platforms for all Eritreans including supporters as well as opposition of the present government of Eritrea.

Kelit Alazar
New York


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