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Hot news from Radio Erena - Eritrean Military units to be relocated

There is important news from Radio Erena Feb 17th, 2011 concerning the military in Eritrea. The tyrant, alarmed by what is going on in the neighborhood, is taking every preemptive move imaginable to prevent Egyptian style uprising in the streets of Asmara. There are three important aspects to the news:

(a) Relocating: The tyrant has ordered the military stationed in cities across Eritrea (including Asmara) to be relocated in villages outside. For instance, in the case of Asmara, among the villages mentioned for relocation are: Milezanay, Adi-Gebru, Weqrti, etc. It is clear what he is doing: having already emptied the cities of their youth, he knows that the only place where the youth are to be found is in the military. In a preemptive move to prevent any rebellion from the youth, he started his nefarious design by closing down Asmara University – or, if you will, by “relocating it” to Mai-Nefhi. Now, he has to do the same thing even with the military: he is relocating the military to the countryside, away from the urban areas where any unrest will have its maximum effect.

(b) Movement constraint: the dilemma that Isaias has with the military now is that while fearing it for the youth concentration in it, he is also dependent on it for his survival. In case anything happens inside Asmara, he will have to station them close to the city, but yet far enough to feel safe from its mischief. But in case it becomes too close for comfort, he has also order a constraint in the military’s movement.

(c) Reshuffling: The third aspect of the news is that he has ordered the reshuffling of the entire army. This is an old and tried method of Shaebia. It is a way of breaking up any old relationships that may hold among the soldiers and that may potentially be used to organize themselves against the regime. Given the great mistrust the system has sown among the rank and file, it would take, at minimum, months to create any kind of trust among the newly reshuffled. And this is exactly what reshuffling is meant to do: buy him time!

Please play video below to hear the news…..