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Eritrea’s ruling party’s PFDJ Officials Travel to Europe.


Preliminary crisis: The impending demise of the Dictatorship of Eritrea

Innside Premium Hotel Niederrad - Herriotstrasse 2, 60528 Frankfurt am Main  Ali Abdu, Eritrea’s Minister of Information, Yemane Gebreab, Head of the Political Affairs of the ruling People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ),  and Teame “Mekele” (no last name available), a member of the Internal & Foreign National Security Office and other officials of PFDJ are in the German city of Frankfurt; at the Innside Premium Hotel Niederrand. Our sources from Frankfurt confirm that they are in the process of planning subversive activities.

This group is mainly embarking on the following:

• to coordinate PFDJ clandestine activities in Europe;
• to terrorize the Diaspora community, so as to make it comply with the PFDJ’s directives both in “paying their dues” diligently and in showing up in their gatherings and demonstrations;
• to establish new, independent routes of laundering money;
• to coordinate and put into action cyber attacks on to the media websites which are proactively sending out news reports;
• to closely follow up the demonstration planned to take place in Geneva, Switzerland on February 23, 2010;
• and to conduct other PFDJ related surreptitious activities.

Although these officials were planning to keep their activities secret, they have been unable to conceal themselves from the eyes of various spying services.

These officials, who are believed to be the main enablers of Isaias’ Dictatorship, are on a last minute PFDJ trip before the implementation of the United Nations sanctions curtails them. This is to give the regime respite and make it possible to prolong the regime’s rule. The PFDJ is highly concerned and is in pursuit of finding a way out of the quagmire it finds itself due to the increasing flow of young refugees fleeing the country and the rapid decline of its supporters in the Diaspora.  

The PFDJ is also highly concerned regarding the media activities of the opposition and wants to impede them by instigating cyber attacks on their websites. These cyber attacks will stop the media broadcast or at least is an attempt to paralyze the information outflow. While such activities by the PFDJ is customary practice, these days the PFDJ is not satisfied with the outcome and is looking for a more effective effort.