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Eritrea: Fatal shootings in an army division in Aderder near Barka

(Asmara 18-08-2015) Sources close to Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) Activists in Asmara report a marked increase in tension between high ranking army officers and their juniors including those from the national service. Much of the conflict arises from the dissatisfaction being expressed openly by the rank and file of junior officers and national service recruits who have started to openly express their frustrations at meetings by their superiors, there are even reports fatal shootings during division meetings.

In one such incidence in July at a meeting conducted by Sargent Fisehatsion Tesfay in Aderder near Barka, 6 members of the national service were shot dead and two including the Sargent were seriously wounded.

The incident took place on the 21st of July when the Sargent gathered the 2nd company of the 37th Division to discuss the backlash from the public as a result of the house demolitions and in particular the resistance shown by people in and around Adi keyih in the Southern Region. The Sargent was of the opinion that the problem was the inhabitants of the entire region and his view was met with resistance from members of the national service who were opposed to his generalisation which they felt would unnecessarily alienate an entire region.

The heated debate that followed descended into shootings and the following people were fatally wounded.

1. Corporal Debesay (member of the 8th round national service)
2. Kibrom (10th round national service)
3. Shimondi (also 10th round)
4. Afwerki  (11th round)
5. Kibreab (20th round)
6. Dahlak  (19th round and son of Col Mehari a member of Eritrean Navy)

Additionally the following people were wounded in the shootouts

1. Sargent Fisehatsion Tesfay (5th round )
2. Mebrahtu (14th round)

Team Arbi harnet has full names of those who were killed and wounded and can disclose these as appropriate.