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Awate was a trigger happy ordinary outlaw (shifta): A hero of Fascist Benito Mussolini !!!

He was a trigger happy fascist loyalist who worked against the interests of the Eritrean people in particular and colonized Africans in general, who continued to fight the British forces, alongside Amedeo Guillet, to bring back fascist Italian rule to Eritrea even after Mussolini’s army had surrendered in East Africa to the allied forces.

He was a fascist loyalist who conducted a guerrilla war for 5 whole years for “a king, country and a people whom he never saw or knew”.  He was loyal Carabinieri who diligently worked to keep Eritreans under the yoke of Italian colonialism.  As a right hand man of the Italian administration he approved and enforced the racist and oppressive policy of Italy which confiscated around half of the land of Eritrea under the principles of state land “Terreno Demaniale”, particularly around western lowlands of Eritrea during his tenure as administrator.  ...



Lawless enforcing Law

The Eritrean regime’s latest complaints on its propaganda machines pertaining to land can only be interpreted as a lawless regime attempting to divert the public’s attention away from its daily miseries.  Lawless regimes are the biggest sources of socio-economic, political and legal upheavals in a nation. ...

Here is a regime whose legitimacy emanates NOT from any legitimate laws of the land but from the end of the barrel of the gun.  Before the regime complains that others are lawless, it should examine itself and lead by example, as the late PM Meles Zenawi and his regime are doing.



My Vote

Blessed I go
to sign a golden record
of a vote that carries a note.
Incredibly the first to me
to the most it may not be.
My vote that has a note came from remote
crossing through deserts and seas
where ideas flow and winds blow
with no compass nor a boat
leaving a trail of wishes and ashes
of the original source and direction.



2012 Global Hunger Index: Eritrea Last

Twenty countries still have levels of hunger that are “extremely alarming” or “alarming.” Most of the countries with alarming GHI scores are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (the 2012 GHI does not, however, reflect the recent crisis in the Horn of Africa, which intensified in 2011, or the uncertain food situation in the Sahel). Two of the three countries with extremely alarming 2012 GHI scores—Burundi and Eritrea—are in Sub-Saharan Africa ...



It is all in the name!

..Unlike the crisis of the old days that you only hear about when one half of a party leaves the main party in eight fragments… the crisis in the youth movement evolves by the millisecond and before your very eyes!… not necessarily because there is more transparency as such… but because there are many opportunities to pick up clues (you don’t have to wait for gubaE where it all explodes after having simmered all year round!)… so if you have a well trained nose it is not that difficult to find something to sniff at. The down side is that those picking at what you are picking at are both your friends and enemies and so it is impossible to have a tiff with ‘unlike minded people’ from your own side...



Ethiopia frees Eritrean war prosoners

Ethiopia has released 75 Eritrean prisoners of war captured in March during a cross border attack on a military base, officials said on Tuesday.

“The government of Ethiopia believes it is proper to release these captive soldiers of Eritrea and let them go where they want,” government spokesman Bereket Simon told AFP.



Phantom Pain

so they fly away; legs, lungs and livers
hearts and kidneys
as if they never had; eyes or ears
others laugh; behind sliding screens
in oblivion; as people lose their minds
in clinical dress; to show off their phantom skins
as body parts are put for sale; in so many pieces

(Photo: Images from the Sinai)



E- For empty – Something’s Got to Give

You can sweet talk and play for time in politics. But when it comes to national economics, ultimately, the accounting ledger dictates the reality on the ground. The world is now witnessing the applicability of this cardinal economic principle unfolding in Eritrea. Cleverness and street-smart flippant remarks cannot undo the results of the half-hazarded economic management by unaccountable secretive Eritrean political clique. After 21 years of rudderless economical experimentation the economy of the State of Eritrea is running on Empty. The creeping crisis has now matured to a full-blown intractable economic disaster. The inevitable has now become a forceful reality demanding resolution.




The UK government must ensure that the ongoing kidnapping, torture and killing of refugees in Sinai is ended once and for all as it supports Egyptian efforts to stabilise the peninsula.

At any given time, hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers are held for ransom and tortured by local Bedouin tribes in Sinai as they try to reach the border with Israel. When refugees attempt to cross the border, the Egyptian forces use excessive force and shoot-to-kill policies against them.



The story of the Three Oxen

What this small story highlights is, if you can divide and weaken then conquering is basically effortless.  As you will see a few examples below, Eritreans have  been weakened in every sect of the society and has made the government of  Eritrea to control the people effortlessly.  Now, the government can even hand out guns to every citizen in the country and they are confident that there is no organized group to use it against them.  There are not organized groups to challenge the atrocities. If you want to know how they achieved this please read my previous article on this website, titled, “The Evils of Dictatorship”.  When the late PM Meles Zenawi saw all the atrocities that was happening to Eritreans, he was appaled by the passiveness of the people and he asked, “whatever happened to the stamina and determination of Eritreans?”



The Boiling Frog

... He said that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you place it into a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil to death. It was a sort of eureka moment for me. It said it all for me. ...  Why does slowly boiling water kill the frog? Because the frog keeps along with its surroundings and tries to adjust with it. I found the frog story to be a pithy expression for what I had always wanted to say about what Eritreans have been going through. ...

It takes one whiff to start cigarette addiction and one shot to be an alcoholic or a drug addict. The water that would roast and kill the dancing frog started to heat slowly with incidents such as the tegadelti strike. The boiling is still continuing twenty-one years after May 1991 and many are still on the ‘Eritrean Liberty’ hangover to accept what is happening in front of their eyes. Are you? The powers that be were and still continue to be smart at tightening the cuff.



Letter to Djibouti Government on the Status of Eritrean Refugees and Prisoners of War

As we have done in the past, my organization is ready to assist in any manner. We have transferred refugees from neighboring countries to Ethiopia, whose government has generously set up refugee camps for them. Since the pressure such a large number of refugees bring to the local resources is considerable, we would appreciate it if your Government would consider accepting the request of any Eritrean refugees that may wish to be transferred to Ethiopia with the Government’s permission. In Ethiopia, the Eritrean refugees will be able to find assistance amongst their kin who are already in the camps and as many of the refugees are coming from the highlands of Eritrea, they share cultural and religious ties with the population around the refugee camps set up in Ethiopia.



…Signs of our time…

Boy goes to his uncles and asks them to go ask girl’s family for her hand in marriage…as you do…so the uncles took to enquiring girl’s credentials and all was well… very well actually… pretty, young, accomplished, nice family… all good… as the day of the tibxahkum approached and being the diligent uncles they are they sat boy down and asked him for his credos too… they wanted to know his level of education… his profession… if he owns …a car… a house…a business or any other accomplishments… he went through all his achievements and couldn’t impress uncles… they kept asking him… you work nights… you share a room with two others… what do you do the rest of the time…’Ahhh’ he said… ‘I am a famous administrator I have a huge room and hundreds of people gather in it’ uncles perked up…



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


ኣይበልናን'ዶ ኣይበልናን'ዶየ!

ህግደፍ... ሕጂ'ዶ ይሓይሽ?

ሰንሰለት ህግደፍ ልሕጺ ዕፉን ኮይኑ!

ቦሎኛ ካብ ዳስ ሓበን ናብ ዳስ ሓዘን! መልእኽቲ ነደታት ተሳተፍቲ ቦሎኛ Let's "ALL" Meet in Bologna


Updated Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines:

Any articles or press releases must contain contact information including your telephone number, exceptions being made for writers from inside Eritrea only. If you are writing from Eritrea, state that you are writing from Eritrea and you will be given instruction to securely verify that you are actually writing from Eritrea.

No google phone or VOIP phone numbers are allowed. Each submission must have the following line: contact information followed by a telephone number, your full real name; that is, even if you desire to use a different "pen name".

We have added strict SPAM filter on our Email Server, any email that has more than one recipient and not addressed to the proper asmarino pages (English, Tigrigna, Arabic pages) will be stored in the junk folder possibly delaying posting or never be posted.

From now onward, we are not going to accept multiple postings of articles. Exceptions will be made when an article is also posted at another website with a different audience, with little or no overlap with asmarino audience.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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