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Eritrean Economy is in a Deep Sinking Hole

The Eritrean regime is desperate and very low in foreign exchange. The highly centralized command economy is headed to a grinding halt. Nothing in the economic realm is functioning according to the basic principles of free economy. After practicing a premeditated hostile policy towards nationalist entrepreneurs for over two decades now it has come up with a deceitful proposal to hoodwink innocent and possibly gullible but business oriented Eritreans to become its Diaspora ATM cards. The so-called “investment conference” supposedly to take place in Asmara on Augusts 27 and 28, 2012 is not in the interest of the independent Eritrean business class or wishful individual small –investor. It is a deliberate ploy to salvage its financial pyramid game.




Resentment is destructive and costly.  We must break this vicious cycle whether the Eritrean leadership works on it or not.  Even though the government of Eritrea have opted not to start the road to dialogue, the people, especially those in Diaspora are subtly co-mingling with the people.  There are more Eritreans visiting Ethiopia in 2012 than any other year in the last 12 years.  For many Eritreans, Ethiopia has become the vacation destination.  Thousands of Eritreans have made Ethiopia their temporary home now by crossing the border.

I believe Eritreans are tired of wars, rumors of wars and they are also tired of being ruled by military dictatorship that cares more for the dead than the living.  Eritreans are starving for peace.  They want peace in their homes, they want normal family life where teen-agers are not separated from their homes prematurely.  Eritreans do not want to be alienated from the rest of the world and especially from their neighbor countries and want peace so that they can trade and travel freely.



Security Situation in Sinai: Opportunity to Liberate Torture Camps

However, the Egyptian government has failed to mention that the attack took place only a few kilometers from underground compounds where African asylum-seekers are being held hostage. Over a thousand testimonies from Sinai survivors tell of systematic rape, burning, electrocution, hanging by the hands, feet and neck, starvation, deprivation of water and other extreme torture mechanisms. This sadistic abuse often occurs while the victim is on the phone with relatives; traffickers hope that hearing a loved one’s screams and pleas will expedite the transfer of tens of thousands of dollars via well-developed illicit networks.

If President Mohamed Morsi truly seeks to meet international expectations as Egypt’s new democratic leader, he must include human trafficking as an essential aspect of his Sinai “cleansing” policy.



Let the Eritrean Masses Eat Pride and Dignity!

What I found strange about this 2007 article of Ghadi was that it was peppered with “pride” and its variants from start to finish – and all of this to spare the PFDJ from the wrath of the USA who was ready to slap it with sanctions! Throughout the article, the main theme was on how we should NOT let the USA do the job for us Eritreans; and that if we let this happen, it will be no less than our pride that will be at stake! It was Eritrean self-reliance at its nationalistic best. In one of his most outrageous moments, Ghadi said it would be shameful for all Eritreans if the US would apprehend Isaias like Noriega and imprison him in US soil! And at his most “patriotic” moment, he came out openly to say that if Eritrea is designated as State Sponsor of Terrorism, “the biggest risk is the damage it will do to Eritrean pride.” (emphasis mine)

If the current debate in Awate.com on the Youth Conference in Bisheftu sounds like a déjà vu moment, it is because all that you have to do is insert “Ethiopia” where the “USA” had been in 2007 to end up with the same script. It is as if the Awate Team has this pride-and-dignity script ready for emergency cases. ...



Eritrea's flag-carrying runner seeks asylum in UK to flee repressive regime

It was while his team-mates on Eritrea's Olympic team were out watching the men's marathon in the Sunday sunshine that Weynay Ghebresilasie finally decided to take the decision that has changed his life forever.

Without a goodbye, the 18-year-old walked out of his quarters at the Olympic village, threw away the sim card that had been given to him by the team's minders and embarked on the process of claiming asylum in the UK – turning his back on a life as a conscript in the army of one of the world's most reclusive and repressive regimes.




In ceremonies that will be held around the world, September 1, 2012 shall be a day when we symbolically pass the torch of liberty to the next generation. Today’s generation is the torch bearer of this responsibility. We shall proudly follow the footsteps of Idris Awate and his sacred mission. Awate’s vibrant history should not be allowed to fade away or get stained by the PFDJ’s wicked deeds.

We encourage every Eritrean – younger and older, men and women, Muslims and Christians – to shout in unison and declare that “We Are All Awate!” Let our voices be heard in all corners of the world. Let us proudly seize the torch of liberty!



EGS-JHD on PFDJ's “Eritrea Investment Conference”

On August 4, 2012 the Eritrean government announced its plan to hold the so-called “Eritrea Investment Conference” on August 27-28, 2012 in Asmara. The targeted investors are Diaspora Eritreans as well as those inside the country.

EGS goes on the record strongly discouraging Diaspora Eritreans not to buy into this ploy. Past experiences have amply demonstrated the untrustworthiness of the government when it comes to all kinds of promises.As the saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me- we ask our compatriots to review past experiences and be very prudent with their hard earned savings.



Eritrean Canadians Protest Eritrean consulate fundraising event

The Eritrean Human Rights Group staged a popular demonstration against an Eritrean consulate-sponsored fundraising event at Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto on August 5.

The protesters disclosed the hidden agenda of the so-called “community” event by chanting such slogans as: “No Fundraising to finance terrorists”; “No fundraising to finance the dictator”; “Stop soliciting our churches; “Stop the 2% extortion tax; “Shame on Sheraton Hotel for hosting a terrorist fundraising event”; and “Close the Eritrean consulate”.



Situation of human rights in Eritrea


4. Decides to appoint a special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea for a period of one year, who will submit a report to the Human Rights Council at its twenty-third session;

5. Calls upon  the Government of Eritrea to cooperate fully with the Special Rapporteur, to permit access to visit the country and to provide the information necessary for the fulfilment of his or her mandate;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to provide the Special Rapporteur with all information and the resources necessary to fulfil the mandate;



UN report backs Eritrean refugees' claims

ERITREAN refugees in Winnipeg who complained they were shaken down for money to send the government they fled now have a UN report backing them up.

"I feel vindicated, and it proves without a shade of doubt what the Eritrean consulate and its satellite communities -- like the one in Winnipeg -- have been up to so far, unchecked," said Winnipegger Ghirmay Yeibio. ...

"The monitoring group has confirmed that the collection of such taxes routinely involves threats, harassment and intimidation against the individual concerned or relatives in Eritrea," the report released this summer said.

(Picture: Ghirmay Yebio)



Documenting Utter Failure Versus Cataloging Perennial Excuse

... The last decade the political side of the failure has received more attention than the economic devastation under the regime. Hopefully the kind of documents released by BTI will force us to pay more attention to the economic disaster and its long range implication to the post –Isaias transition and rebuilding of Eritrea. The economic indicators presented by BTI shows (contrary to the celebrated empty Isaias’ rhetoric on Debt Free Eritrea) that Eritrea had the following massive External debt (in millions of dollars) – in 2007 -$859.4, 2008- $961.4, 2009-$1018.9, 2010-$1009.8. Eritrean GDP for 2010 (according to the report) is $2117.00 million dollar. The External Debt is about 50% of the GDP- So much for self-reliance and debt free economy.



Resistance Posters on the Streets of Asmara

(Asmara 31-07-2012) In a daring move coordinated by the ArbiHarnet (Freedom Friday) movement, resistance posters were posted on popular streets and venues in Asmara. The posters that had oblique messages about the death of Eritrean freedom and a bereft revolution for liberty, were couched in the style and language of obituary announcements, complete with an image of a young woman, that are customarily placed on walls and lamp posts in Asmara the capital of Eritrea.



In Eritrea, You Can Actually Adopt a Prisoner!

If you are in the habit of watching TV late into the night, you couldn’t have possibly missed many of the” fund-raising” schemes, where you are bombarded with images of poor children from Africa or South America, often with sad eyes and amputated limbs. The usual pleading goes as follows: “Adopt a child with just a dollar a day!” This is not adoption in its normal sense. All that is required of you to “adopt” a child is to send thirty dollars a month, and all the material needs of the child will be met (you are reassured). In a similar fashion, I am wondering, why the Isaias regime doesn’t run similar advertisements among diaspora Eritreans: “Adopt a prisoner with just a dollar a day!” [as it used to do with “drar teghadalay”] After all, by now, it has tens of thousands of prisoners languishing in the ever-proliferating prisons scattered all over Eritrea . It needs all the help it can get to arrest them, apprehend them, transport them, house them, feed them, interrogate them, watch over them, indoctrinate them, torture them and sometimes even finish them off. ...



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


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