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Bankrupting the merchants of fear

…Kainotophobia Is an extreme fear of change. Almost everybody in this world has some level of this phobia or fear of change... the problem for us though, is the fact that change is precisely what we are advocating for… then again since change is something that happens anyway, we are not merely advocating ANY change but a certain and specific kind of change… an Eritrea that looks so different not just from yesterday’s Eritrea but even from today’s Eritrea.



The Bologna Drama: The Voice for Democratic Change vs. the Sound of Oppression

The festival of yesteryears Bologna was the get together of people bonded together in search of freedom and peace and to draw plans of how to support the struggle at home and evaluate achievements and shortcomings but also to celebrate the struggle.  ...

Today the 40th Anniversary of Bologna festival is turned into a propaganda ploy. PFDJ is isolated internationally and is under pressure. ...



Of Dreams and Death

... Martyrdom is part of religions such as Christianity at its inception. It is said that Christianity was the cause for the fall of the Roman Empire. Reason given, because there was life after death, there was no reason to behave normally for an actual life under a pragmatic Roman rule. Is there a lesson here? Didn’t thousands die because “martyrdom” was acceptable? In this day and age, normal soldiers do not go to war to die. They go to defend their country, its ideals, and mainly to win. Death is only a condition of the status quo and not a “choice”.



Eritrea for Sale - to the Russians!

The Eritrean government has become so isolated and desperate that it has tried to sell its precious gold resources to Russia - at any price. Sanctions have hurt the financial position of this government so much that the only way they could try to get support was to surreptitiously, and unannounced, send government representatives to Moscow, Russia in late 2012, to offer the Russian government the rich gold and base metal deposits in Mogoribe.



Statement on the state of human rights in Eritrea

Over the past years, the ecumenical family has received various accounts of the deteriorating state of human rights in Eritrea and on-going reports of serious violations of human rights by the Eritrean authorities against their own population, as well as the alarming number of civilians, especially youth, fleeing Eritrea as a result of these violations. ...

In view of these harsh realities in the country, the Catholic Bishops of Eritrea issued a pastoral letter on 25 May 2014 which has been fully endorsed by the Eritrean Orthodox Church in the Diaspora.



Dejen’s Syndrome: the Contradictions of the Eritrean Mind

Eritreans are first and foremost prisoners of their minds. ... We can, in fact, say that Dejen was actually locked up in multiple prisons, the one inserted into the other like a Russian doll. It took him four years to conduct an escape from the prison in his head, the one that held him hostage to the system. Only when he escaped from this mind-prison, as he gave up on the system, was he able to entertain an escape from the physical prison. And all of this was to flee from the nation, as hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have already been doing, however less spectacular their escapes might be. To fight back against the system requires an altogether different state of mind: he has to free himself from being a hostage of the revolutionary past that has made him deny agency to his oppressors. ...



Eritrea: "The paranoid regime"


National Service in Eritrea is not comparable to a military or civil service as it is practiced elsewhere in other countries. The National Service is a form of forced labor or slavery that is run by the State. Officially, conscripts are mobilized for the purpose of defending the country, but in reality they are assigned to work for the government. They are also assigned to work for companies owned by the ruling party be it in agricultural activities, in infrastructure construction, etc. They are used as labor by the regime and are treated as dispensable resources.



Decolonizing the mind: A shift in thinking

I believe the noble endeavor to collect and document the history of ELF and its gallant fighters is one of the most constructive undertakings in present day Eritrean Diaspora. I intend to present my observation of the process and its implication in the near future. I have been lucky enough to attend the second and third reunion held in Atlanta since it was open for the public. I felt I was in an open university with an insight into the nature of the liberation front that had the capability to transform former Eritrean commandos at the service of the Ethiopian government into liberation fighters. This achievement and other thousands of heroic deeds have to be recorded in detail and made a part of the true National History Archive.



Letter to the President of Somalia

We express our deep appreciation for your Government's principled positions at the United Nations in Geneva, where Somalia has consistently, courageously and successfully advocated for the rights of those on the African continent who have no champion and no voice.

We would particularly like to express our deep appreciation and respect for the work of your distinguished Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, H.E. Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ismail "Bari Bari", an exceptional and resolute diplomat whose integrity and compassion for those suffering deep injustice epitomises the best values of our continent.  ...



“Holy Prison” Mariam Gembi before the Blue Terror there was……….

Two of them took me to a part of the building that used to be a 'mogogo' (a separate room for making injera).  There they made me put my hands, tied, under my feet and inserted a wooden pole through my legs. They hoisted me up and put me upside down making my bare feet 'at arm’s length. The investigator started looking for a stick. One of them took what I think was a hard stick with plastic rope around it and asked if I had anything more to say. “No”. Then he started beating the soles of my feet. I started to scream but they put a piece of cloth on my mouth. I started to choke. ...



Sweden: Eritrean President Afewerki Reported for Crimes Against Humanity

Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki and several other ministers have been reported to the police for crimes against humanity in Sweden thanks to a new law that allows such crimes to be prosecuted in the north European country.

Human rights lawyer Percy Bratt, who led the unprecedented legal move in Sweden, stated that the Swedish penal code's change enables judges to prosecute crime regardless of where they have been committed or by whom.



Eritrea's Communications Disconnect – The numbers

Rumors about Data Center in Embatkala:

According to some people, the GoE has brought  fiber optic up to Massawa, for "Data Center". The Data Center will be in Embatkala, and it will have all the data's of all the ministries and also of embassies(2%) and other things. I was told this system is being ran by the president’s office, but according to people working in the president office’s; this was a total exaggeration and a lie. That the data center was only an idea of an Eritrean who came from England & the president office is helping. As far as they know there is no such thing as fiber optic in Massawa  or other place.



Textless Reign of Silence

in a country called Eritrea

where nobody knows where

mobile phones find themselves

locked in prison cells


immobilized by security codes; button less

hacked to death; more or less

freedom itself is left speechless

unable to text; textless


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Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


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ቦሎኛ ካብ ዳስ ሓበን ናብ ዳስ ሓዘን! መልእኽቲ ነደታት ተሳተፍቲ ቦሎኛ Let's "ALL" Meet in Bologna


Updated Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines:

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No google phone or VOIP phone numbers are allowed. Each submission must have the following line: contact information followed by a telephone number, your full real name; that is, even if you desire to use a different "pen name".

We have added strict SPAM filter on our Email Server, any email that has more than one recipient and not addressed to the proper asmarino pages (English, Tigrigna, Arabic pages) will be stored in the junk folder possibly delaying posting or never be posted.

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Thank you for your cooperation.

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