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Unfiltered Notes: Justice Seeker’s Pledge – ‘be nice to other justice seekers’

Such opposite views are prevalent in today’s Eritrea. For those focusing on negatives (camp A), partial truths are exaggerated to conclude Eritrea’s independence was a mistake. For camp A Eritrea was dead on arrival. It is a helpless (I can’t do anything) and hopeless (it can’t be done) mindset that simply stands by waiting for an “I told you so” moment.

The things camp A lists to reach its pessimistic conclusions may well be true. But it is definitely not the whole truth because Eritrea is more than its highland component. Ignoring Eritrea is more than its Muslim component, there is also camp A’s other half that wants to Arabize Eritrea. Fortunately, these two faces of camp A, although very vocal, are not representative of their respective communities. And that is why I still believe there is hope for Eritrea.


Serious People - II

Well, He seems to

have decided to let hurricanes blow

new winds to penetrate

new routes, new waves

hailstorms hit pavements

the seas grow hot

and volcanoes boil

their sweat is carried

to the Red Sea home.



Virtually No Border Control in Eritrea

Speaking from the capital this afternoon they said: ‘the sheer number of refugees making the crossing into Europe via Libya as well as the rising numbers of those crossing the border into Sudan and Ethiopia comes as no surprise to us here, everyone here talks about those who have left the country and the fact that the borders are virtually free of security forces’. The poor border control is believed to be a result of diminished capacity in the army due to the level of defections. ..



Eritrean Refugees at Risk

Many languish in desert camps. Some have been kidnapped, tortured, and ransomed—or killed—in the Sinai. Others have been left to die in the Sahara or drowned in the Mediterranean. Still others have been attacked as foreigners in South Africa, threatened with mass detention in Israel, or refused entry to the United States and Canada under post-9/11 “terrorism bars” based on their past association with an armed liberation movement—the one they are now fleeing.



People Centered Bottom-Up Approach of Uniting: Eritrean Democratic and Civic Resistance

Top-down attempts of unity and alliances were undergoing for the last decade and half with little or no results. Politico-military culture, fragmentation and top-down approaches have been hindering the resistance from achieving the desired unity for democratic change.   Using people centered, citizen owned and civic driven effective bottom-up approach of uniting and organizing Eritrean democratic and civic resistance is urgently needed. The bottom-up approach with its civic and democratic tenets and practices will help transform the outdated politico-military culture into civic and democratic culture by building civic capacity of Eritrean citizens and their institutions.



Feds asked to ban Eritrean bagmen

Every summer, representatives of the government ot Eritrea, dubbed the North Korea of Africa, are granted visas to come to Canada and raise money for the regime, which hundreds of thousands have fled.

A human rights group in Winnipeg and its lawyer, David Matas, are pressing Citizenship and Immigration Canada to make sure these people don't get a pass to come into Canada again this summer.

(Photo: Daniel Awshek, Eritrean Canadian Human Rights Group, wants fundraisers from Eritrea kept  out.)



Voices of Justice: Part 2

Dr Sarah has explained the difficulties of researching in Eritrea. She said the University lacked an academic environment where research can be done freely.   She summarised her presentation as follows,   “Western writers and scholars failed to see the undemocratic culture of the Fronts. Eritrean Elites were blinded by nationalism and did not consider what post EPLF Eritrea will be.  Research is highly controlled by the Government especially if it is policy related to development and welfare.  Data is inaccessible in most cases.  Some scholars who support the Government externalize Eritrean problems and claim Ethiopia poses existential threat. ....



Emptying of a Nation

A nation is being literally killed without bullets fired - mass execution of the third kind. I am not being an alarmist: the facts at hand clearly are cataclysmic. When a nation with one of the smallest populations in Africa ends generating more boat people in the Mediterranean than a war ravaged and totally destroyed Syria with a much larger population, then one needs to sit down and ask the question, “What gives?” ... So you tell me my Eritrean folk, shouldn't we be all alarmed? Are we all Ok while watching Eritrea’s “painless” death? Or am I just fear mongering.



It's April, which means Eritrea's refugees are headed north

Last year Europe received around 484,600 asylum applications, according to the United Nations Humanitarian Commission on Refugees (UNHCR). Among those, 21,293 were Eritrean refugees, the majority of whom had arrived by boat from Libya to Italy. ...

“There are 13,000 Eritreans ready to cross the Mediterranean as soon as the waters calm down,” says Tsegay, an Eritrean smuggler who allowed me to interview him. ....

During 2013 and into 2014, refugee arrivals increased so rapidly — up to 1,000 people a week came during February 2014 — that Ethiopian authorities had to open a new camp, Hitsats, around 60 miles north of Adi Harush.

(Photo: the new Hitsatats refugee camp in Tigray)



Asmara Expo 69: the Lost Age of Industrialization in Eritrea

The Eritrean armed struggle squandered the chance for economic take-off that Walter Rostow wrote so much about in the middle of the last century – an opportunity for industrialization that other nations such as South Korea, Singapore and Thailand used. Having missed the industrialization period during its ghedli sojourn, leaving itself with obsolete technology and uncompetitive products, it had to force itself into Ethiopia’s economy using the means of pressure and contraband, forgetting that they were fiercely opposed to the symbiotic relationship with the same entity in the past.

(Picture: Barattelo double-decked buses transporting workers in Asmara)



A prelude of a quantum leap in Eritrean politics

By now, maybe you are expecting to read an April fool. Not at all, the Eritrean politics and quantum mechanics have common denominator. In both cases, the problems to be treated are very small but the frameworks of their solutions are sophisticated mathematics, due to their incompatible property concerning the classical natural law. Sometimes they function, but for sure, nobody understands why and how they function. The last but not the least, they function by chance. ...



Ode to Yohanna’s Baby


The small cramped quarters

A lone light bulb dangling above

A baby was born

Her bright intelligent eyes wide open



Anti National Service Slavery Campaign Welcomes UN Findings

The Stop National Service Slavery in Eritrea Campaign, welcomes the United Nations Special Rapporteur comments on the situation of human rights in Eritrea. Sheila B. Keetharuth,’s warning about persisting human rights violations in the Eritrea and particularly in the context of the Eritrean national service is something that the Campaign has been focusing on since its launch in January 2014.


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