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Time to Bring Eritrea in From the Cold

The Obama administration accused the Eritrean Government of allowing the transit of arms to Al-Shabab - the reason for this alleged support being that Eritrea wanted to help an enemy of Ethiopia, thereby putting pressure on its neighbour to implement the arbitration decision.

In 2009, Senior Etritrean officials met in Rome with the American Permanent Representative to the UN, Susan Rice, and the US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Ambassador Johnny Carson.



Nazi and YPFDJ: History repeats ....

A short film showing ...


Faith Church of Christ Asmara

Eritrea frees 27 Christians: diplomat

Eritrean officials have made no official response to the reports but Information Minister Ali Abdu told Reuters last week he was not aware of any such arrests, adding that they would not have been religiously motivated in any case.

"The 27 women were released today after being held in an Asmara police station since Saturday. We don't know if any charges were laid," an Asmara-based diplomat told Reuters. "They were given water, and family members came with food."

The diplomat said their release was welcome news for families because concern for the women's health was growing -- all were in their forties or older, one was in her seventies, and a number had health concerns that required medicine.



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


ኣይበልናን'ዶ ኣይበልናን'ዶየ!

ህግደፍ... ሕጂ'ዶ ይሓይሽ?

ሰንሰለት ህግደፍ ልሕጺ ዕፉን ኮይኑ!

ቦሎኛ ካብ ዳስ ሓበን ናብ ዳስ ሓዘን! መልእኽቲ ነደታት ተሳተፍቲ ቦሎኛ Let's "ALL" Meet in Bologna


Updated Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines:

Any articles or press releases must contain contact information including your telephone number, exceptions being made for writers from inside Eritrea only. If you are writing from Eritrea, state that you are writing from Eritrea and you will be given instruction to securely verify that you are actually writing from Eritrea.

No google phone or VOIP phone numbers are allowed. Each submission must have the following line: contact information followed by a telephone number, your full real name; that is, even if you desire to use a different "pen name".

We have added strict SPAM filter on our Email Server, any email that has more than one recipient and not addressed to the proper asmarino pages (English, Tigrigna, Arabic pages) will be stored in the junk folder possibly delaying posting or never be posted.

From now onward, we are not going to accept multiple postings of articles. Exceptions will be made when an article is also posted at another website with a different audience, with little or no overlap with asmarino audience.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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